Engineering Specifications

FD-4080EX series of general purpose roof drain consist of a large sump cast iron body with bottom outlet, a removable Cast Iron or Nickel Bronze dome strainer, non-puncturing membrane flashing clamp with integral gravel stop, and adjustable Extension Sleeve.

Outlet Type Bottom Outlet
Outlet Connection No Hub or Inside Gasket
Outlet Size 3 & 4 & 6
Strainer Free Area 830 cm2

For more details on "Data Sheet" download pdf

FD-4080EX Data Sheet and FD-4080EX-NB Data Sheet

Area of Application

Used in flat roofs of any construction. The adjustable extension sleeve permits adjustment, easily accommodating different insulation thicknesses. The threading allows smooth perimeter movement and support of the top at any adjusted elevation. The dome provides maximum free area for quick drainage of rain water through the large sump body and protects the drain and connected piping from the intrusion of debris. The Flashing (V-Shape) clamp holds flashing and roofing materials to the drain body without puncturing.

For more details on "Installation Drawing" download pdf

FD-4080EX Installation Drawing - IRMA and FD-4080EX Installation Drawing - Normal